Lock Images in Android

Android phones come with high-quality cameras where you might store hundreds or even thousands of photos on your phone storage. When you take photos using your Android phone's camera, it is automatically saved into the "Gallery". The "Gallery" is open to viewing by anyone who has access to your phone, and does not have a dedicated password or security feature. Anyone who comes across your phone can snoop through your personal images. If you don’t want some of the images in the Gallery to be visible to others, you can select those photos to lock. Keep all your valuable, private images away from prying eyes by protecting them with a password. Adding password to sensitive images or files will ensure that the contents are not modified or stolen. You can also keep your important files safe so that they do not get accidently deleted.

When sharing your android device with others, it can be a hassle, especially when you have important photos that you don't want others to see. Your Android device contains useful data for cybercriminals and thieves. When your Android phone gets stolen, then it is really a great threat to all your private images because if they get into wrong hands they can make them public and you may face several difficulties. You would also not want your personal photos being online or misused. These personal photos often have special memories attached and it is extremely important to restrict other people from viewing and editing the files.

Users often look for ways to protect their privacy and secure their personal data, such as password-protecting their folders. By creating a private code, you can deny access to the particular folder while allowing users to use other applications on your Android phone.In situations where you look for safety measures, you can make use of this reliable tool. It provides complete security for your images and other files in your Android phones. Sensitive images from your Android photo gallery can be safely locked away in a secure Image Locker. Images hidden in this manner can be viewed with a password that can access all of your device's folders.

Features of the Remo MORE tool

The Remo MORE software has a simple and intuitive interface which offers easy and fast way to lock images in all your Android devices. In addition to locking user can also hide images and other files using this app. It provides separate options to hide different kinds of files. The tool works like a charm and instantly locks and password protects photos, images, files, audio, videos etc with the “Master Password” to avoid unauthorized access on your Android phone. You can also make use of secondary password for superior protection to lock away important files, app, photos, videos, SMS etc. By accessing the device through secondary password, the guest user can only use the basic functionality of your phone.
To change the Master password and the secondary password also, only Master password can give access. You can enable and disable option for locking and unlocking in one click. Images, audio, video and files will be immediately removed from their respective location like Gallery, music player, etc. as soon as they are made hidden. You can set password for images of different file formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG, XBM, BMP, BMPF and more and also includes RAW photos captured with professional DSLR cameras.The tool is compatible with various popular versions of Android operating systems like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and latest released version of Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Steps to Lock Images in Android:

Step 1: From the Dashboard Main Screen ,Select Manage option.

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From Manage Screen, Select Locker Option

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - Select Memory Card

Figure 2: Manage Screen

Step 3: Enter Password for the locker

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View

Figure 3: Enter Password

Step 4: After you enter the Password,Click OK.

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View

Figure 4: Click OK

Step 5: Select Images option from the Locker Screen

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View

Figure 5: Locker Screen

Step 6: Select the images that you want to lock

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View

Figure 6: Select images to lock

Step 7: All your selected images will be locked.

Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View

Figure 7: Locked File Locations