Is it possible to recover pictures from hard drive after format?

Of course yes, some people have the misconception that once images or other files get removed from the system, they are erased from the machine permanently. In reality they are present in some part of the memory so that it can be recovered back using recovery tool. But you have to keep in mind that your hard drive should not be overwritten by new files. If you add new images then you may lose files forever. 

Photos are the wonderful memories of your memorable life which you do not want to lose. But sometimes you may come across some situations where you may lose images from hard drive of your computer. One such situation is formatting the hard disk. It might be an awful moment if you lose pictures because of your carelessness like accidentally clicking format option. Formatting hard drive is one of the common issues faced by most of the people across the globe.

Are you crawling up your mind and thinking how to get pictures back from a formatted hard drive? If yes then you are in the right place, you will get a perfect solution here by reading this article. But first of all let us go through some facts that are responsible for formatting the HDD of PC.

Sometimes due to corruption of hard drive you may encounter an error message ‘Format error’. Now what? The error message will pop out in your screen compelling you to format the drive. Formatting means complete removal of files from the system. And so when you receive this error message & if you click ‘Ok’ option then all files present in the drive gets erased.

You may select wrong drive instead of the drive you wanted to select & click on ‘Format’ option, as a result of which you may loss pictures & other files along with it.

Keeping backup of memorable pictures in other storage devices is one way to prevent loss of images from hard drive of your system as the pictures stored there can be used when required. And you should always use updated anti-virus software to protect your favorite pictures stored in hard disk from loss which may occur due to virus or malware attack. And if you still fail to save your file from loss then Digital image recovery software is there to help you to recover pictures from formatted hard drive.

Digital Image recovery is the best recovery tool which can recover missing pictures from hard drive within few mouse clicks. This utility can also be used to recover pictures from Recycle Bin. This application also provides picture recovery from storage devices like external HDD, SD, XD, CF card, MMC, memory sticks, etc. It is built with powerful scanning technique to scan the drive & recover all lost images from it after unintentional deletion, file system corruption, virus infection, bad sector in HDD, etc. You can find lost images of all file formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, RAW, etc. For more info about JPEG file recovery click the mentioned link. This software is wonderfully designed by expert professionals & it is executable in both Windows & Mac Operating System.

Procedure to recover files back from formatted hard drive are:

1: From the main screen you wil get three options. You need to select "Recover Drives" & after that you need to select "Formatted/ Re-formatted Recovery" as shown in Fig A.

How to Get Pictures Back From a Formatted Hard Drive - Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

2: Then you will be asked to choose the hard drive from which you have lost data as shown in Fig B.

How to Get Pictures Back From a Formatted Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

3:Then the software starts scanning. After the process is completed you can view the recovered images as shown in Fig C.

How to Get Pictures Back From a Formatted Hard Drive - Recovered Image Files

Figure C: Recovered Image Files

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